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So what about me?

I started modelling for my partner as he was studying for a photographic course and needed to do some portrait and fashion shots. Some of these, invariably made it onto Social Media platforms and, before long, I got asked if I would pose for other photographers as well.

And so it evolved that I started doing more and more shoots, which meant I had to buy more and more clothes, shoes, undies etc - well they do say you have to suffer for your art....

So now I have a huge wardrobe (which gets added to regularly) of all things Vintage, as well as a large collection of "Alternative" clothing such as Latex/Rubber, PVC, Goth, Punk and just about anything that is considered a bit "left-field"

And I really do enjoy it. It is great fun and you meet some lovely people as well.

I hope you like the images i post on my website. And if you want to follow me on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, then please do.

And if you would like to book me for a shoot or have any question, please use my Contact Form.

Lots of love

NJ xxxx

P.S Everyone loves to receive gifts and I confess I am no different. If you would like to send me a gift from my Amazon Wishlist, I will be ever so grateful. xxxx

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